We are a geospatial company focused on LiDAR and Photogrammetry (Drone) data processing.

UAV-UAS Mapping

ENSPATIA3D has a rich experience in Drone/UAV photogrammetry. Equipped with best infrastructure in line with the market trend we at ENSPATIA3D produce 3D Maps that fits well into any GIS..... Read more

Terrestrial LiDAR

High density terrestrial static scan data with oblique or 360 degree panoramic images we provide the best solutions for your requirement. With our high-end systems we process and manage..... Read more

Mobile LiDAR

Geospatial information collection using sensors or scanners fitted to a mobile platform is one of the fastest growing are in the Geospatial industry. Along with the Laser scanner,..... Read more

Aerial LiDAR

We are ready to help you out on your Aerial LiDAR data processing. We have very experienced team who has several years of experience in processing and handling point cloud data. We..... Read more

GIS & Remotesensing

Preparing better maps and bettering existing maps are our motto. We have specialization in areas like land cover/use classification, cadastre, base map, navigation, urban planning,..... Read more

AutoCad Training

Plan Your Career, it’s very owned tool for students to find the right career, choose one that suits your interests, aptitudes, work-related values, and personality type.The Courses are..... Read more